Schmoozii is an Online Community for Business Professionals

From Schmoozii’s about page- “Schmoozii, Inc. is an online business networking community designed to give business professionals a place to network with like minded individuals, learn about their profession, and find out the latest trends in their profession.”

The first thing that came into my mind when I registered for an account in Schmoozii was LinkedIn. In fact the look and feel of the Schmoozii’s profile site with its tab navigation features is very much LinkedIn-like. But certainly, Schmoozii is not a LinkedIn clone because it has an identity of its. Nevermind if both social networks cater to the business professional crowd.

What makes Schmoozii different from LinkedIn is the fact that you can determine your level of involvement on the site. It allows you to create an extensive profile while at the same time letting you mee other like minded professionals. You can also particiapte in professional groups where you can learn about the latest business studies and trends in your profession. If you’re hunting for a job, Schmoozii might be able to help you.

Schmoozi also allows members to write articles as well as post blog entries to the Schmoozi portal but they will have to make sure that these articles or blog posts are relevant to the whole of the Schmoozii community. Sadly, you won’t be paid, consider it as your own personal contribution to the advancement of your business profession. And besides, it’s not always that you find this opportunity to get published in a large-membership base social community, right?

If you’re not so much into LinkedIn, you might want to take Schmoozii for a spin. You might like it eventually more than LinkedIn.

Now, can anybody tell me what’s the meaning of Schmoozii?