Schieffer and Thomas Honored With Lifetime Achievement Awards in Murrow’s Name

CBS’ Bob Schieffer and Helen Thomas were presented the 2009 Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award at the 35th annual Murrow Symposium at Washington State University this week.
The two news legends spoke to a campus crowd after receiving their awards Tuesday night about the state of journalism. According to a local paper, Thomas said she believes there’s still hope for the country’s newspapers, many of which are reeling from the recession that has gripped the country and at the same time trying to adapt to new technologies and fend off competition from online news outlets. Schieffer agreed, adding that newspapers need to find a new business model.
“We can’t have a democracy without freedom of the press. It’s hard to imagine what this country would be like without newspapers,” Schieffer said.
Other memorable quotes: “The new technology is going to bring us wondrous tools, but journalism is more important than its tools,” Schieffer said.
“Unfortunately, everyone with a laptop thinks they’re a journalist,” Thomas said.
“We don’t know where journalism is going. We must adhere to the standards Murrow stood for,” Schieffer.