Schedule Twitter Tweets With Twuffer (say that fast 3 times!)

We all live busy lives, so any Website that offers the ability to schedule happenings in advance, gets our attention.

The latest on a long parade of Twitter apps is Twuffer, a site that allows you to compose Twitter messages for future release.

Standing for ‘Twitter Buffer,’ the app lets you choose the date and time that your Tweet is released to the public.

Part of the fascination (and success) of micro-blogging lies in the fact that you are sharing what you are doing ‘right now.’ An app like this changes the game.

There are, however, many uses that this blogger sees for Twuffer:

– Schedule reminders (@twitterTest – happy birthday!)

– Alert your followers to a new product (New episode of the Working Podcast drops today!)

– Appear that you are much more top of current events than you really are

– Tweeting before other Twitter users can increase your street cred and result in better search engine traffic

– Recocurring communication. If you have an event that happens at the same time/day on a regular basis, you can schedule your messages in advance.

An added incentive to use Twuffer is that they feature tweets on their homepage, resulting in a chance to get some additional clicks/followers.

Summary: Login with your Twitter credentials; type your tweet; indicate when to tweet; and save. Twuffer lets you view your sent and queued tweets.

Free, easy and useful – just the way we like it.