Attention, Twitter Marketers: You Can Now Schedule Any Kind Of Retweet With Buffer

We’re big fans of Buffer at AllTwitter, the popular social media optimising app that lets you easily share content on Twitter (and other social platforms) throughout the day.

Big news. Now, and for the first time (both on Buffer and ANY social media platform), you can use Buffer to schedule native retweets alongside your normal content. Old school, editable RT @ retweets are also supported, and the new functionality works on the web and mobile.

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s how you do it. Easiest method is to install the Buffer browser extension, which adds one-click Buffer functionality to

Once done, find something you want to retweet and click on the Buffer button.

Now, you can schedule this retweet as is, or change it to the classic RT @ format, which is also editable. To do this, simply hover over the tweet and click on the Change to Quote button.

Edit accordingly. You can also schedule the retweet for multiple accounts.

Once you’re happy, simply click the Buffer button and voila, the retweet is added to your schedule.

Mobile support is also provided for the Buffer iPhone and Android apps by emailing the tweet to a secret (and unique to you) email address.

Awesome. If you’re a heavy user of Twitter and particularly if you use the platform for brand marketing in any capacity, the inability to schedule native retweets has been an irritating limitation that even trusty old HootSuite hasn’t been able to overcome.

Problem solved. Enjoy.

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