Scent of a Man

Chandler Burr‘s first perfume column is slated to appear in this Sunday’s New York Times. We know that some people are upset with Burr’s new position since it comes at a time when the world-reknown newspaper has cut back staffing in other departments, but we’re over it already. All it takes is one trip to the parfumerie counter at Nordstrom and a spritz of the latest fragrance. Just like that. Better than a scoop of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, and no calories at all. Before you read Barr’s new column (called Scent Strip), you need to know this about him (which we got from his web site):

“People ask me what I wear. I wear everything. I’ve usually got four to seven things on me, one on the top front of each forearm, one each on the bottoms, back of the forearms, top of the biceps. Possibly the backs of the hands when I run out. I get so many scents to try, I have to. You have to live with a scent; you can’t claim to know anything after two minutes. Sometimes even two days isn’t enough.”

There’s more to this commentary here. All we can say is…should we be concerned if we’re standing next to this man in a bus?