Scarborough Scoffs at Fineman’s Story: ‘That’s a Joke’

As Washington is abuzz with HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman’s story linking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and MSNBC “Morning Joe” Host Joe Scarborough for a possible 2010 presidential run, Scarborough bristled at the idea on this morning’s program. Meanwhile, Politico‘s Playbook, The Daily Caller, to name a few, and Twitter has been in a flurry of promoting and passing around Fineman’s story since Tuesday night.

HuffPost had no comment at this time.

Scarborough’s heavy denial:

“I am starting to get a little irritated, because I said, we haven’t talked directly about this, indirectly about this, there is nothing to this. And then they said somebody very close to the mayor says, I want to be vice president. that’s a joke! Nobody that has worked with me is a lawyer, nobody that’s worked with me in media … that would not be a good fit. Nobody that’s worked with me in congress would ever say, you know who would make a great Vice President? Joe Scarborough. Seriously?! That’s like saying Joe Namath is going to be a third string — I’m not comparing myself to Joe Namath, although I do like drinking once in a while, but I am saying this, I could not have been more unequivocal, and yet it runs anyway.”