‘Scandal’s’ Bellamy Young Discusses ‘First Lady Mellie Grant’ with Bloomberg

bellamy_young_scandalBloomberg Associates’ Katherine Oliver and Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hays recently sat down with Bellamy Young, who portrays First Lady Mellie Grant on ABC’s “Scandal,” for the latest installment of Bloomberg Radio’s “The Bloomberg Advantage.”

During the podcast, Young discussed women in politics on television, the development of her character, and working for Shonda Rhimes.

On whether there’s a political future for her character, Young, referencing the actor who portrays her character’s husband on the show, Tony Goldwyn, said, “Absolutely. Tony and I when we did back story in the beginning to sort of ground these characters, sort of always agreed that when they were back in the governor’s mansion in California, it was a tacit agreement. You do yours and then I’ll do mine. So I think really when Mellie had that crazy monologue about ‘It’s my term,’ I really think that’s not histrionics. I think that’s legitimate, a legitimate battle cry. It’s my turn. So absolutely, I think Mellie is, has that in her sights.”

Hear the full interview here.