Scandal Winter Finale: Secrets Are Revealed, Shots Are Fired, Wine Is Spilled

It's a major cliffhanger! And Liv's white couch might be ruined.

popevspopeAre you ready? You’ll never be ready. We weren’t ready.

Last night was the winter finale for Scandal (and How To Get Away With Murder, if you’re into that), and they left us with quite the cliffhanger. Most notably, we’ve got Papa Pope on the loose. Snipers are looking for him. Jake is on the hunt. And Olivia has joined in, enlisting Mama Pope to help. Remember, she’s been locked up in a hole for the past few episodes, at the very hands of Rowan himself.

When she’s faced with Liv, Mama (Maya? I’m terrible with names) thinks her daughter has come to her rescue.

“Tell them Livvy. Handle them,” says Mama Pope. After all, she’s been locked up without being charged. But Liv has got a few crimes in mind: “Murder, terrorism, treason,” says Liv. “Charge her and lock her up. As for my father. Find him and kill him.”

Well all righty then!

Meanwhile, Jake is back on the street and he’s killed someone secret agent style in an alley. When he gets closer to the dead body, it turns out it was some sort of super killer (not so super after all) who has a card with a pic of Jake in his pocket. It’s a kill card. Rowannnnn! (I’m shaking my fist in the air.)

Jake’s theory is that Rowan now has everyone in B613 on the hit list. And Liv might be on the list too, so Jake has brought her a gun. “You know as much as any agent. So you’re a threat just the same,” he rationalizes.

Liv says she knows how to shoot a gun but has gone her whole career without doing so. “My father wouldn’t kill me,” she says.

“I’m sure he thinks the same thing about you,” says Jake. Then he gets behind her for a gun lesson and we zoned out — Great Scott! — and when we came back he was suggesting they leave and “go back to the sun.”

“The sun went down a long time ago and it’s not coming back up,” says Liv. Awww. Then she cocks that gun (is that the word?) and we know she means biz-nass.

You know who else has a kill card? Quinn. Know how she found out? She met her would-be killer. Three guesses who it is.

Quinn meets up with Charlie to warn him that there’s a B613 hit list. “Oh snap. You like me,” he says, because guys are ridiculous. Why does everybody have to like you. He tries to kiss her. She pushes him away. Then actually, they start kissing. OK, so maybe he was right.

Next thing ya know, she’s in bed, he’s in the bathroom, his phone rings, and when she grabs it, she spots her kill card. And to the tune of “Endless Love,” they proceed to beat the hell out of each other. Actually, before we cut to commercial, Quinn was getting the better of him. Punching, punching, foot to the face. We all should take self-defense classes from Quinn.”The worst part is you wanted to screw me before you did it,” she says. Boo.

In the end, bloodied with black eyes, Quinn says she should call more. (?) They’re reconciling and Charlie should do something nice for Huck. Charlie has the B613 files and he agrees to turn them over to Huck’s ex/Javi’s mom to prove that he really was an agent and it wasn’t something he made up. Remember, last week Javi saw Huck kill Kubiak and ran off. So when Huck tracks Javi to his house, his ex reads him the riot act. By the end of the episode, the files are on her doorstep.