Scandal Recap: Liv is Home Safe, So Can We Get Back To the PR Cases?

That was a nail biter. But now that everyone is back in DC, we're looking forward to some of the intricate cases we love this show for.

Thankfully, we find out this week that, with help from ex-Gladiator Abby Whelan, Interpol and season one Gladiator Steven, Olivia is safe and sound back in her cozy apartment, even if her white couch still has that awful red wine stain on it.

After an aborted attempt to exchange her for $1 billion with Iran (who knew Liv can speak Farsi!), Gus and his kidnapper cohorts are fooled into thinking Russia will spend $2 billion for her. After a slow walk to her ex-employee, Liv grabs the gun, shoots Gus in the leg and proceeds to kick him while he’s down with her very high stiletto boots.

TBH, we’re glad to be back in DC where the love triangles are especially triangular and the PR shenanigans don’t stop. The preview for next week has Olivia back in OPA mode though still dealing with the psychological repercussions of her abduction. So that we all have enough time to mentally prepare as well, let’s go ahead and do a quick recap to get us all caught up and ready to move on.

Adios Killer Huck. At first, Quinn was a little blasé about Huck’s bloody ways. But after the outburst last week where he said Liv’s captors would chop her up and send pieces of her to Fitz, she decided to take his lunacy a little more seriously. Quinn made him promise not to kill anyone anymore. And despite the temptation, he kept that promise.

Also, Adios VP Andrew Nichols. Just because he said he wouldn’t kill anyone doesn’t mean Huck can’t do some serious damage in other ways. After trying to make things difficult for the White House by refusing to step aside after his plan to start a war in West Angola is found out, VP Nichols gets a visit from Huck. With a shocked Lizzy Bear looking on, we see Andrew wrapped in Saran Wrap while Huck injects him with something. Next thing we know, he’s in the hospital and he’s had “a stroke.” So not dead, but definitely not lively. And in no shape to govern anything.

Mellie wins again. “You’re the also-ran… you want power respect. You want to be a winner,” Mellie says to the Veep. “This is as high as you fly Andrew. Fly any higher and you’ll be shot down.” That was the warning he refused to heed.  

 -Papa Pope has gone fishing. With Liv still in captivity and seemingly out of range to save, Jake goes to Mama Pope for another option. She tells him where Papa Pope is… Lake Prescott fishing.

“I’ve been gone for how long… a week?” he says after getting the low down from Jake. He gives one of his stellar monologues about fishing and life and the nature of man, but the bottom line is he’s not jumping in to help.

-The president is really getting on Cyrus’s nerves. Despite word from his advisors that trying to save Liv is pointless (only a 30 percent chance of success), Fitz insists on a plan to rescue her. For everyone else, this is a risk to great for one person.

During a one-on-one where Fitz is going on about his strategy, Cy goes all the way off.

“You moron. You child. The finest minds of our government have told you what needs to happen,” he yells. “You are all I have to show for my life. I made you a leader. And this is what you lead me with! I’m done. I quit.”