POTUS Gets a Pass In ‘Scandal’

On ABC’s political drama “Scandal” this week, we’re treated to the almost-full return of Fitzgerald Grant as commander in chief. Previously, an attempted assassination had left Grant hospitalized with a concussion.

In this episode, the problem arises when Grant prematurely steps back into the Oval Office, still suffering difficulties with his motor functions. Nonetheless, he holds a presser in which he plans to answer questions. He thinks it’s the best way to go despite the protests of his mistress and crisis public relations aide Olivia Pope.

But when a reporter asks if there is any sign of PTSD or any other health-related problems that will impair his judgement as president, Grant takes a long pause and gulps his water. What followed was a harrowing monologue on how “weakness is our strength.”

Here’s how that would play out in real life

First, there would be no press conference. At best there would be a White House Pool Report detailing Grant’s ride from the hospital back to the White House. They would hold in vans. And that, too, would include a line noting that there was “no sight of POTUS.”

But assuming there were a press conference and it went on as described, it wouldn’t have been an admirable moment as far as the news media is concerned. Because Grant is a Republican, MSNBC would run round-the-clock segments questioning whether it’s favorable for the country to be led by a man who thinks weakness is indeed “our strength.” Accompanying each segment would be a Chyron graphic with the text “FITZ-JELLO? POTUS SEES WEAKNESS AS STRENGTH.”

Over at FNC, Sean Hannity would cry at the “beauty” of Grant’s speech. And on CNN, Piers Morgan would continue fighting with Breitbart News editors about gun control in front of an in-studio audience of dead children.

Stay tuned for next week’s interpretation of the drama.