‘Scandal’ Gets Scandalous

How many people out there are watching Scandal? I need a lot of people to tune in to this show so it doesn’t get cancelled.

I’m giving up many of the reality shows I had been tinkering with because the sheer inanity has become too much to bear, so now this is my show. And I need to know how this whole situation between the President and Olivia is going to pan out. Who’s calling Amanda? Will the new girl ever get the hang of working in this pressure-cooker firm? How much does FLOTUS actually know? And now there’s a baby involved? So many questions. So many suits. Must needs know.

Last week’s ratings were flat for the show and it actually won its time slot. However, Hitfix said that all shows on last Thursday night benefited from a lack of new CBS programming. Overall, the ratings numbers have been described as OK.

Separately but related, Judy Smith, the crisis comms advisor that Scandal is based on, visited The Daily Show to talk up her new book Good Self, Bad Self. Her first piece of crisis advice is to tell the truth. “You really can’t BS about it,” she says. Clip above.