Conspiracy, Lies Bring Couple Closer Together In ABC’s ‘Scandal’

On ABC’s political drama “Scandal” last night, the characters continue scrambling to keep the fact that they rigged a presidential election on the down low.

James Novak, on-again-off-again journalist and husband to the president’s Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene, knows about the conspiracy but isn’t sure Beene is in on it. So he asks and Beene confesses, but only after Beene makes Novak strip naked to prove he’s not wearing a secret mic. One imagines this is what the Kardashians make Kris Jenner do anytime they want a private conversation with their mother.

Subpoenaed by the D.A. (who also knows about the conspiracy), Novak tells Beene he has no choice but to testify on the issue at the Justice Department. So, as any loving gay husband would do, Beene hires a hitman to kill Novak.

In the end, Beene calls the hit off and Novak lies under oath about his knowledge of the conspiracy. The final scene shows them in a church smiling at each other as if none of this ever happened. Til attempted homicide do them part.

Here’s how it would happen in real life…

Actually, this is probably close to how something like this would happen in real life. Journalists, whether employed or not, are trained to lie to protect their sources. Especially the sources they’re sleeping with. Just ask Gina Chon, formerly of the Wall Street Journal. While married, she had an affair with a U.S. official in Iraq, where she was reporting. The affair was kept secret until sexual emails between Chon and the official surfaced online.

On the other hand, those who get involved with political animals like Beene always have a target on their back. Just ask Chandra Levy. Oh, whoops, you can’t. She was murdered after having an affair with then-Rep. Gary Condit (D-Calif.), who was never charged with any crime.

At the show’s conclusion, Fitzgerald Grant, the President, is seen kissing his wife, who just last week he was going to divorce to be with his anguished lover, Olivia Pope. Then, after Pope tells him she’ll wait for him until the end of time, he dumps her. And yet, these kind of gooey dealings have a way of bringing D.C. couples closer together. Just ask the Clintons who still hold hands in public, even after that stained dress entered the nation’s nauseated conscience.