Scam Alert: Tiny Wings on Android is Not the Real Deal

Android gamers were over joyed to find out that the popular iPhone game Tiny Wings has made its way onto the Android platform, however this bliss was short lived after the early downloaders of the game started making angry comments on online forums that the game is not the real deal and is in fact an imposter.

Tiny Wings is a single player arcade game which was initially released on the iOS platform. Ever since its release in February, Tiny Wings has been a huge success and has garnered a rating of 4+ in the iPhone game market.

Tiny Wings is developed by a German game developer name Andres Illiger. However, the version flying over the Android market has nothing to with the creator of the original game. The fake Android version is being sold by “Androfications” at a price of $0.99. This is an extremely blatant case of copyright infringement where the imposter has tried to copy every single piece of the original Tiny Wings. The little birds itself, the general look of the levels, the gameplay, the title screen icon and even the name of the game is copied. Even after that the fake Android version is very poorly implemented and lacks even half the quality of the real thing, resulting in furious 1-star reviews.

Being open has many advantages, but lack of review process in the Android Market enables things to pass through the cracks as they have in this instance. Android users should take this as a warning to not jump into the bandwagon of popular apps/games before making sure that they are legit.

For those that still dont have any idea about what the real Tiny Birds looks like, have a look at the video below: