Society Reporter Reacts to New York Post’s Sin of Omission

ScallywagAndVagabondLogoWe were amused over the weekend by “Meet New York City’s Notorious Party Crashers,” an item in the New York Post by Kate Briquelet. Today, we are even more amused by a response to the article at Scallywag & Vagabond.

While Scallywag does not name the name, it’s obvious from their piece that anyone who knows this freeloader world will immediately recognize the individual being inferred. For whatever reason(s), S argues, Briquelet chose to omit the acknowledged champion of such free-food-and-booze-fest practices:

There are many names missing on this list and one in particular that the author, an aspiring go-getter for the time being, has elected to omit. Then again sometimes we journalists are forced to make sacrifices to get something on tape…

Shaggy I’m sorry you are not the gold standard for crashing. You are on the silver podium. That honor belongs to someone else, you know it, the Post knows it, the New York Times knows it and so does the Daily News as well as every publicist I have had to deal with since launching this blog in 2008. But you always make me smile Shaggy, there’s no pretense. You’re in it for a free ride and why not, there are so many choosing to behave just like you as well.

Scallywag thinks that perhaps their site and Briquelet should collaborate on a more accurate, future item. Or, conversely, asks that she wake them up when she decides to publish a list of such individuals that does not so reek of “collusion.” Read the full item here.