Redesigned Scaffolding, the Urban Umbrella, to Appear in New York This Month

The British may soon have better looking electrical pylons than we do, but we’re going to have way more attractive scaffolding, at least in New York anyway. You might remember some talk way back in January of last year when Mayor Bloomberg announced that a winner had been crowned in a hunt for a redesign of one of the city’s most ubiquitous eyesores, the sprawling scaffold. While it’s taken a while to get winning design firm Agencie Group‘s Urban Umbrella out into the wild, the NY Times reports that the far more aesthetically pleasing system will debut this month, “when it is installed in front of 100 Broadway, a 24-story office building in Lower Manhattan.” Assuming it works as advertised, it’s still sure to be something of a tough sell to both construction companies and developers who already own miles upon miles of the old stuff. However, it sure seems like it would make a site under construction a lot less horrendous and intimidating, which perhaps building owners and businesses with leases therein will take note of, considering an unhindered, regular flow of traffic for businesses is generally considered a good thing.