SB Nation Co-Founder Tyler Bleszinski Departing Vox

He wants to spend more time with his family.

Tyler Bleszinski, co-founder of the blog network SBNation, is leaving parent company Vox Media. In a post on Athletics Nation, the blog which served as the start of SB Nation, Bleszinski wrote that he was stepping aside to spend more time with his family:

You may or may not know this, but my Dad passed away of a heart attack when he was only 47 years old. Today I turn 44 years old and as I creep closer to that age I realize that my father never got to experience a single day of retirement. It makes me sad to think about how hard he worked to never be rewarded with that break. I learned a tough lesson at 18 years old that stuck with me.

So in part as an homage to my father, who taught me a ridiculously hard work ethic, I’m taking that break he never had to hopefully be the best husband, father, brother, son and friend I can be.

Bleszinski will stay on with Vox Media in an advisory role. His last day is Dec. 31.