Sazell Lets You Snap and Share the Web

If you find widgets as a cool web tool for sharing dynamic contents across website and blogs, you’ll find Sazell’s web snapshot sharing tool even cooler. With the slew of online information available across the web, wouldn’t it be nice and more useful to share these information as they appear on the web in a light and fast loading visual snapshot?

Sazelll is a new web 2.0 service that lets you create snapshots about different topics, share it with your friends and families using a concise “visual snapshot” that accurately represents that information that your are sharing.

Sazell lets you do four things, namely create, share, search and widgetize websites.

Create snapshots

Sazell provides the platform that lets you create snapshots of web pages, events, myspace/hi5 profiles, ebay listings, news stories, videos, blogs and basically everything that you find on the web. It lets you create these snapshots by Snapping it or entering snapshot info manually, snaplinking or automatically fetching info from a url, and snapmarking or automatically snap websites as you visit them.

Embed and share snapshots

Sazell lets you embed and share snapshots on your own site, social network profiles and any other website that allows you to embed some codes.

Search snapshots

Sazell has a useful search engine that lets you find snapshots using keywords, popular tags and browsing snapshots categories.

Widgets – Snapshots

Sazell also features some widgets that lets you showcase full snapshots as a slide show (Snapshot Widgets), display images only from snapshots (Snippet Widgets) and add snapshot to your sites.

Finally, a cool tool for capturing sites on the web that would give you straight up screenshots or snapshots of sites you want to feature on your blogs or site.

Most of Sazell’s snapshot tools are free, although the site hints at some advanced features which are available at restricted terms.

Sazell is currently in private beta mode. Hope we can get our invites to try using the service.