Say What? Smaato Data Says Symbian has Highest Click Thru Rate in U.S. While Windows Mobile Wins in Europe

I’m always hesitant to give serious consideration from statistics generated by data collected by mobile-ad services. However, Smaato claims that their data is drawn from multiple ad services and draws from more than 16 billion mobile ads per month. So, I took a look at the data reported by

Most Clicked Mobile Ads Aren’t On Android or iPhone

Wired keyed on the fact that phones running Symbian OS (mostly Nokia phones) had the biggest click through rate worldwide. However, there’s plenty of odd things to consider in Smaato’s data.

– The #2 biggest click through platform is “feature phones” (not a smartphone platform)
– Windows Mobile had the highest click through rate in Europte barely beating the iPhone and trouncing everything else. Really?
– Symbian OS phones had the highest click through rate in the U.S. (again) Really?

The last two items I mentioned make me wonder what is going on in Smaato’s data. That just doesn’t seem to reflect the reality most of us see on a day to day basis.