Say Media Selling Sites, Including xoJane

Say Media logo GSay Media has had it with the media business. According to Digiday, the company is selling its sites, including xoJane, Fashionista, and ReadWrite. Say Media originated as a tech company, and its CEO Matt Sanchez explained that it was just too difficult to keep the media side going:

When we launched Say, it was really about, how do you provide technology and services for independent media. It was this vision of building the modern media company by building, partnering with and buying independent media companies, build the tech beneath it and think holistically about the entire media stack. We just came to the conclusion that it’s very difficult to do both.

The sale puts a big question mark on all of Say Media’s sites, but none more than Jane Pratt and xoJane. The site was Say Media’s darling when it launch in 2011. Say Media threw a fancy party that was like a real life version of I Love The 90s. Michael Stipe and Courtney Love both showed up and expressed support. Pratt, of course, said all the right things at the time.

Obviously things have not worked out well, and that means this could be the end for xoJane. Maybe Stipe or Love are interested?