Say Media Acquires Remodelista

Over the years, we’ve loved watching Remodelista grow from a small startup to the powerhouse it is today. And when we say “years,” we really don’t mean that as in “a long time,” as it seemed that they owned the internet in no time flat (landing Gwyneth Paltrow as a vocal early fan, and later a contributor, certainly didn’t hurt). Besides being web pals with them, we’ve checked in with their budding empire from time to time, with projects like their takeover of Design Within Reach and the launch of their terrific architect and designer directory. Today, however, was potentially some of the biggest news yet for the Remodelista brand. Announced just a few hours ago, San Francisco’s Say Media has acquired Remodelista. Say Media, as you might know, was born from a purchase and then a merger between VideoEgg and Six Apart last year, forming a sort of ad network, online media conglomerate, web-hosting company (here’s a nice overview by XConomy). As for what changes to expect from Remodelista itself, post-merger, it appears that nothing overly dramatic will be altered, at least immediately and judging from the press release, with the main focus on drawing more advertisers to the site and more revenue out from there. If anything, we’re sure once the acquisition checks clear, the site’s longtime editors might be found hunting for some new modern pieces to spruce up their already well-spruced digs.