Say It, Like You Mean with PopTok's Video Snippets

In this times of widgets, flash and other interactive forms of expressing and communiting in the online world, don’t you miss the old emoticons, like this one :-)? That’s the time of IRCs and other chat rooms. Back then it was so simple to express your emotions. With a combination of special characters, the person you’re chatting with knows that you are angry, happy, inlove among other emotions. But times has changed. We now have widgets, flash interactive menus, video and music streaming. And now, real movie snippets to express your emotions, through PopTok.

PopTok is a pretty cool online service which lets you take snippets from moviews, TV shows and music video and use them to express yourself in your everyday online conversations. PopTok has compiled and sliced various movie scenes, all expressing a particular emotion in what PopTok call as, well you guess it right – TOKS.

Like PopTok said, emoticons don’t cut it anymore. It’s the age of videos, and it’s time to bid our dearly beloved emoticons goodbye. Use PopTok to:

  • Express yourself with clips, called Toks, from the most popular TV shows, movies and music videos
  • Pop a Tok into an IM chat window so your buddy can watch it immediately, as part of your regular online chat
  • Collect your favorite Toks to use and view whenever you want
  • Display your mood using the perfect Tok
  • Discover the perfect Toks for any holiday or occasion
  • Forever change the way you communicate and express yourself like never before

Sounds fun? Exciting is a better way to put it. And we can’t wait to receive our invite to test out PopTok. Hopefully, somebody from PopTok gets to read this and grant us access to PopTok Beta. It would have been great to end this post with:

Hasta La Vista baby! Ala Gov. Arnold.