Say it Ain’t So, Joe (the Senator)!

Hmm. Looks like Sarah Palin isn’t the only one avoiding the press these days (actually truth be told, Obama isn’t so press friendly either — notwithstanding magazine covers, that is). In fact, turns out just as Palin seems to be warming up ever so slightly to the liberal media elite Joe Biden, everyone’s favorite gaffe-machine, has gone silent (sort of). ABC’s Jake Tapper notes:

The Delaware lawmaker has not fielded questions from supporters since a Sept. 10 rally in Nashua, N.H., at which he said that Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., might have been a better vice presidential pick than him.

Shocking that they’re trying to keep him quiet. But also sad. We often think that the fact Joe Biden has managed to retain the ability to speak his mind after thirty odd years in Washington is nothing short of a political miracle. Free Joe Biden! Of course, the fact that this is somehow making Sarah Palin look like the bastion of accessibility is a bit rich.

Says Biden spokesman David Wade:

As of Oct. 21, the senator has conducted over 141 media interviews in his two months as Obama’s running mate. “The notion that he isn’t responding to questions from the media is mighty laughable,” Wade told ABC News. “Especially when I reckon could count Governor Palin’s interviews on my ten fingers without even having to resort to counting my toes.”