Say Hello To Ken Herman’s Long Lost Twin


Above: Herman’s doppelganger.

Below: The real Herman:


A White House reporter travelling with the president through Latin America passes on this gem.

On Saturday, as the pool waited in Uruguay for the press avail between Bush and President Tabare Vazquez, Newsweek photographer Khue Bui noticed a guy who looked just like Cox Newspaper’s Ken Herman. Reporters couldn’t get his name but were told that he was a press secretary for Vazquez. Reporters even tried to get the White House to permit him to sit with the press corps just to see if Bush would actually call on him (thinking him to be Herman). The White House giggled, but declined.

Reporters themselves are giggling about their new discovery: “The Uruguayan Ken Herman.”

Says our source: “The guy was a really great sport–or as much as you can be when you see 20 people staring, pointing and laughing at you. He thought we were making fun of him at first, but after a translator explained why we were all staring, the guy totally mugged for photos. Pretty funny…”

And the irony is that, while Herman isn’t on the trip, he wrote the advance report on this trip for the WHCA.