Get Acquainted With Foreign Policy’s New eBook

What’s good for Politico‘s Mike Allen is good for everyone, right?

In a recent internal memo, Foreign Policy Editor-in-Chief Susan Glasser announces their new eBook. Written by Anna Badkhen, the book recounts her year-long voyage to northern Afghanistan. Glasser calls it “haunting” and “beautifully written.” Price tag: $4.99.

Badkhen decided not to embed with the troops but with the Afghan people. More description from a release…”Throughout the year, she returns again and again to the country, traveling by foot, by taxi — and even by donkey — to the remote villages and hamlets of the Afghan North, reporting as the Taliban take over large swaths of territory and also on the unimaginable daily hardships of life in a place where even such basics as water, electricity, a doctor, and a working school are impossible luxuries.”

Noteworthy: The preface is by bestselling author Peter Bergen. The book also includes two photo portfolios.

See the memo…

I’m proud to announce this amazing new ebook by our friend and colleague Anna Badkhen. It’s an incredible account of her year in northern Afghanistan, embedded with the real people of the country, in the forgotten towns and villages of the Afghan North. It’s beautifully written and haunting, and if you actually want to understand why the war there grinds on and on with no end in sight, this is probably the best way to get it. Plus, it’s just an incredible read (not to mention the bravery it took to do this reporting), so I hope you’ll plunk down the price of a fancy cup of coffee for Anna…. And encourage others as well. You can buy it here: PDF (with great pics too) or for Kindle. All bests, Susan