Saving Ms. Beazley

From the press briefing re: yesterday’s panicked/calm evacuation of the White House and senior administration officials:

“MR. McCLELLAN: One more? One more, go ahead in the back.

“Q — that the Secret Service has a pecking order of who they’re going to save, the President, the First Lady and then the press would be — (laughter) —

“Q Way down. (Laughter.)

“Q We might be below Barney and Ms. Beazley. (Laughter.)”

It’s worth noting that beyond saying “everybody’s safety and security is the priority for the Secret Service” Scott McClellan didn’t actually correct the impression that, given a choice, the press would be saved after the White House pets.

(But then again, what about everyone who says that the White House press corps are just lapdogs anyway? Under that rubric, would they qualify as pets?)