Save Bears from Extinction in Bubble Bee Bear on Facebook

Renatus Media has released a new game for casual puzzle fans on Facebook: Bubble Bee Bear. Developed by CCSoft, the game takes players on a journey around the world, as they complete bubble-popping levels to save bears from extinction. Each bear awakes to find his land without food, but these bubbles contain the food they need to survive.

In each stage, players are faced with a different layout of bubbles, and can remove them by shooting new bubbles at them from a slingshot at the bottom of the screen. Users have a limited number of bubble shots to complete each level, with the goal being to remove a large number of bubbles from the top row of the screen.

In addition to bears, the game’s screen is also full of helpful bees, which serve as bouncing pads for the bubbles as they fall into pots at the bottom of the screen. The more bees they hit, the more points the bubble is ultimately worth.

Pressing the space bar swaps out the current active bubble in the slingshot, or players can purchase the exact bubble they need using premium currency. Gamers also have access to other power-ups, like aiming trajectory lines, the ability to swap between three bubbles instead of two, or bonus bees that provide even more bonus points in a level, as examples.

Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their final score. They can replay stages to earn missed stars, with these serving a greater purpose than just bragging rights. That is, some power-ups are only unlocked after users earn large numbers of stars in bulk.

Bubble Bee Bear is available to play for free on Facebook.