Savage House & Home

We’re slowly plowing our way through H & H today. We generally avoid anything outside of our five-block radius, let alone the state, so we’re confused by their lead story about (say it with us now) Ca-li-forn-ia. (Seth Cohen is as far as we go.) But hidden in what in our internets-focused newspaper reading looks like good midsection real estate is the biggest teaser the section has ever oh-so-tenderly offered us in the spirit of the first flower of its last forgiveness.

Q: I’m 5-foot-1 and my husband is 6-foot-3.

All right H&H, getting a little saucy… until… nope.

How do we keep our living room from being a jumble of furniture in extreme sizes?

Because the biggest concern between a size-ically mis-matched couple would obviously be the, um, furniture.