Saul Bass Lives!


Really cool report in from Typographica for we film geeks. First, they announce that Brendan Dawes has brought back his famous Saul Bass website after a slight hiatus. Second, they’ve gotten permission from Matt Terich to let people download his Bass-esque font, “Hitchcock,” which is super awesome and something you should go get immediately and play with all day. Here’s some:

Used by Dawes throughout the site, Hitchcock was created by designer Matt Terich as an homage to the iconic lettering that so often appeared in Bass’ title work. The font is not a faithful digitization of any particular title sequence or poster — in fact, type designer Nick Shinn notes that Bass didn’t do the actual lettering and veteran. Robert Trogman adds that Dave Nagata did most of the drawings — but it does give a general sense of Bass’ rough, hand-cut style.