Live, from the New York Magazine Archives… It’s in Your Face, LA!

Forty years ago, Chevy Chase and George Carlin were so glad to be doing it on the east coast

There’s been all sorts of fun media coverage framing this month’s 40th-year anniversary of Saturday Night Live. Everything from Bill Carter in THR to members of the current cast, interviewing each other, in Gotham magazine.

Today, Vulture has reposted Jeff Greenfield’s original coverage of the show’s 1975 launch. It’s a take Woody Allen must have loved:

“Your mind atrophies in L.A.,” says Chevy Chase, who wrote for the defunct Smothers Brothers comeback show last year. “Nobody reads the papers out there. It’s all one thing – ‘the business.’ In New York, you’re right out on the streets.”

George Carlin, the comedian who hosted the premiere show, observes that “there’d be no point in doing a live show in L.A. It’d be dull.”

Ouch. Greenfield also notes that to produce the show in Manhattan meant that production costs were 40% higher than if it had been done in Burbank. We should all be happy the program never tried to become synonymous with “Live, from Burbank…”