New York-Focused Digital Radio Station Launches in Williamsburg

Why Satori has good reason to bill itself as 'The Soundtrack of the City'

Whenever we write about a radio station, we like to do so while listening to said outlet. So far, we definitely approve of what we have heard on Satori.

Per a Billboard exclusive by Andy Gensler, terrestrial radio vets Jeffrey Warshaw and Michael Sharkey are responsible for the new operation, headquartered in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. From his piece:

“We’ve watched the shift from traditional radio to streaming after an entire generation was ignored by radio,” says Warshaw. “They don’t identify with it, it’s over-commercialized, it’s hokey and repetitive and it doesn’t resonate with them.”

Sharkey, who also launched 97X (WSUN) in Tampa and programmed 102.5 The Bone (WHPT), agrees: “Radio has always been extremely formatted and regimented,” he says, “stations can only play specific songs.”

Satori, refreshingly, is using playlists hatched not in some gleaming skyscraper sales office but rather compiled from data about what locally based folks are currently listening to. A strategy they like to refer to as ‘Human Made Algorithms.’ On the flipside, we think Warshaw and Sharkey are going to be responsible in the coming months for a lot of millennials turning to their smartphones and asking, ‘Siri, what does Satori mean?’

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