Sasha Grey Fires Back at Media on The View

Ex-porn star Sasha Grey took to The View Wednesday in order to address her critics after reading to students at Emerson Elementary School in Compton.

“I think there was a lot of sanctimonious media firestorm thrown at me,” Grey told the ladies on the ABC daytime talk show. “However, I’ve always gone after what I want and I will continue to do that.”

Grey is absolutely correct. The same week where we are discussing Jerry Sandusky and Penn State, Grey is getting chastised because she read to a group of kids who are way too young to know about her past. And even if they did, there’s nothing illegal about the porn industry.

“Reading was very important to me as a kid,” Grey added. “It was very inspirational to me. I went to a school where that wasn’t encouraged so much but my parents encouraged that and it has made me part of who I am.”

The 23-year-old retired from the porn industry in April and played a fictionalized version of herself on HBO’s Entourage. Instead of attacking Grey the blame should be pointed at the Compton Unified School District for not doing their homework and informing the parents ahead of time.