Sarah Silverman is magic (or has a great publicist)

sarah sarah.jpgIs it just me or is Sarah Silverman everywhere these days? First the New Yorker went as dirty as I’ve ever seen it in Dana Goodyear‘s profile of Silverman in the October 24, 2005 issue, then she gave it up as the saucy covergirl for Heeb‘s sex issue, followed up by a Radar profile, two two-fers, on Slate (here and here) and the NYT (here and here)

I’m a fan of Silverman’s deadpan delivery (saw “Jesus is Magic” off well, the sheet IS supposed to have a hole.jpgBroadway) and and her dewey, Jewey loveliness, but I think I may be getting a bit tired of reading about her vagina (so, too, must Dan Harmon, a co-writer on her Comedy Central pilot; he’s the one who actually penned the “stubbed my vagina” line mentioned in the New Yorker article that’s been widely picked up). Also, I have yet to see a decent explanation for the whole Jimmy Kimmel thing. Hmm, maybe Jimmy Kimmel is magic. That would explain a lot.