Sarah Palin’s $15 Million Emails

If you’re Tina Fey you can get a $6 million dollars book deal based on a handshake and a verbal pitch. However! If you’re Sarah Palin you can apparently ask the press for up to $15 million dollars for your emails. That’s right! Even better than selling the Gov.’s jet on ebay is selling the Gov.’s emails to the press. Okay, technically not selling (though, we imagine it’s probably just a matter of time on that front) but here’s a rough estimate of what it would cost the AP to get their hands on Palin’s emails (presuming they’re not Gawker readers).

When the Associated Press asked for all state e-mails sent to the governor’s husband, Todd Palin, her office said it would take up to six hours of a programmer’s time to assemble the e-mail of just a single state employee, then another two hours for “security” checks, and finally five hours to search the e-mail for whatever word or topic the requestor is seeking. At $73.87 an hour, that’s $960.31 for a single e-mail account. And there are 16,000 full-time state employees. The cost quoted to the AP: $15,364,960.

There’s more!

And it’s not green. Copy baby copy!

the governor’s office says it can provide copies only on paper. Why? Because lawyers need printouts so they can black out, or “redact,” private or exempted information. That task is more difficult because Palin and her senior staff have used government e-mail accounts for some personal correspondence, and personal e-mail accounts for much of their government correspondence. The photocopies of those printouts will be a relative bargain, only 10 cents a page.

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