Sarah Palin Jokes Have Been Trending All Day, But What’s Her Channel Really All About?

Answer: Money.


Sarah Palin launched her subscription channel The Sarah Palin Network yesterday and everyone wants to help her come up with ideas for quality content. Haha. Just kidding. Everyone wants to crack jokes about all the dumb shows that she’d broadcast. will cost $99.95 per year and is meant to give Palin the chance to speak to her audience “unfiltered.” Time argues that she has been given the mike and has used it to speak very openly very often for the past six years.

This new platform sounds like it will afford the same opportunity coupled with the chance for Palin to make a lot of money.


The hashtag is #PalinTVShows and feel free to tune in to see all sorts of right-wing Palin madness satirized in 140 characters or less.


On day one, she began to collect on those subscriptions. As far as the actual content so far, she’s got something on there about energy development as a way to combat Putin, something about President Obama’s “addiction” to “OPM (Other People’s Money)” and a ticker that tracks the national debt and the number of days left in Obama’s term. A fair amount of this content might look familiar to followers.

“… [I]t’s fair to ask what the value proposition is for a subscription to Sarah Palin Channel… [A]t startup–much of SPC’s front-page offerings are repurposed and available in some form free elsewhere,” Time says. D*E*R*P indeed.


But Palin clearly does have a following as evidenced by a successful reality show and the recent news that her show on the Sportsman Channel, Amazing America, got picked up for another season.

“Beyond that, what SPC is trying to sell is community and connection. The site’s videos are shareable on social media–so depending on your friends-and-family list, you’ll be seeing them free on Facebook soon enough–but you can only see or post comments if you subscribe,” Time continues. So there’s a filter built in where only people who like Palin enough to pay to subscribe will have the chance to go on the site to crow about how much they like what they bought.

So if there’s anyone out there looking to reach Palin’s audience, she’s created a platform for them to do just that. If the subscriber numbers are high enough, there might be more than a few people willing to pay for that chance.