Hasta La Vista, Twitter!

Financial Times reporter Sarah O'Connor tweets a Terminator plot twist.

One tweet; thousands of retweets and favorites; dozens of news stories. Welcome to the future of journalism, Sarah O’Connor.

The London-based Financial Times employment correspondent did not write the FastFT item in question, about a 21-year-old contractor at a VW plant near Hamburg, Germany who died from injuries sustained after he was grabbed and crushed by a robot. But because her name mirrors that of a central character in the Terminator franchise (played by Linda Hamilton in the original films and Emilia Clarke in Terminator Genisys), and her plot-twist like tweet was posted the same day as the release of the latest installment, it was too good for the Internet to pass up.

Many of those replying to O’Connor’s Wednesday tweets tried to reassure that her stumbling into the Sarah Connor-Terminator continuum was destined to be playfully received. At press time meanwhile, the source of the FastFT item, Chris Bryant, appears blissfully oblivious.