Sarah Jessica Parker and Co. Planning “Project Runway” for the Art World


We either really want this show to come out or we want it to go away, to live in a cave, never to be heard from again. By way of Art Info we found that Variety is reporting on Sarah Jessica Parker‘s production company is teaming with the group behind “Top Chef” and “Top Design“, Magical Elves, to create a show similar to “Project Runway” but about the art world. While we definitely think that the producers wouldn’t have any trouble finding a big batch of eccentric artists to choose from, we’re kind of worried that reducing the concept of “art” down to challenges like sculpting something in an hour that must incorporate monkeys and a Starbucks coffee mug (because they’re sponsoring the episode that night), a little upsetting. Fashion we can get by with, because designers are creating consumer goods, for the most part. With art, there’s the implication of sales, but at the same time, it seems like anything worth looking at should come from somewhere with some thought behind it and have something to say. Granted, that’s not always the case, but sometimes we’re optimists around here. So sue us. Anyway, we’re also a little worried that maybe the production team behind all of this doesn’t really know what they’re talking about:

[Jane Lipsitz] added that art is “something we consume every day…whether it’s your favorite coffee mug, an ad in a magazine or a mural you drive by on the way to work.”

Look at that cactus! That’s pretty art. And that airplane is such a great piece of art! Ooh, art is just everywhere!