Sarah Ivens Out at OK!

business032a.jpgThe American version of successful British tabloid OK! is losing its editor, Keith Kelly reports.

Sarah Ivens, who’s helmed the magazine since it debuted stateside three years ago, will depart after Christmas to get married, promote her new book and move to Kentucky.

The move comes at a time when OK! is in flux. Ad sales in the first half of 2008 were up almost 30 percent, but the publication has been hemorrhaging staff since Kent Brownridge took over as general manager. Most recently, executive editor Rob Shuter left, although he declined to cite Dr. Evil’s presence as a reason for his departure. Similarly, Ivens insisted she had given notice in June, well before Brownridge’s arrival. Even if the former Alpha Media head man isn’t to blame, one has to wonder what’s making working at OK! so unpalatable.

Kelly posits that Nicola McCarthy or Bonnie Fuller will replace Ivens.