Sarah Hofstetter Is 360i’s New CEO

Yes, 360i is best known as a marketing agency, and you’ve already heard quite a bit about them this year for good reason. But we think this is news worth mentioning given the fact that even marketers now say PR should handle social and that Twitter is in a bit of hot water this week for including no women on its board.

So here it is: Sarah Hofstetter was promoted from president to CEO of 360i’s American operations (where most of its employees work), while former CEO Bryan Weiner becomes global CEO and chairman. In her new role, Hofstetter will continue to oversee the social strategy practice that has garnered so much attention for the agency in addition to having more influence over its search and analytics divisions. Everyone in creative must now report to her as well.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but let’s hope this move is a small sign of a shift toward more female voices at the top of the agency game.