On Her Way out the Door, People Magazine Reporter Cries Double Standard

Sara Hammel hashtags it #Pexit.

You know a celebrity reporter is done with the A-list beat when they take clear shots at George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Keith J. Kelly got his hands on a resignation letter signed, sealed and delivered this week to the powers-that-be at People magazine by Sara Hammel, who spent 14 years with the publication as both a freelancer and full-time employee. You’ll have to head over to his Post column to glean the full celebrity details.

We were intrigued by the final portion of Hammel’s missive. It involves her debut novel The Underdogs, published May 31:

I will say, what happens after that is that my debut teen mystery, the one I spent my adult life making into a reality, but which, despite the schlock regularly featured in its pages and online, People decided to ignore – more to the point, they ignored me entirely – even after I toiled away for them for 14 years. They wouldn’t even give me a digital post that I wrote, sourced and agreed to remove the name of my book from (LOL).

I’ll leave you with the kicker:

As I was crafting this letter, a tweet came through from one of your top editors, Kate Coyne, crowing about her full-page People feature promoting her brand-new book, accompanied by a colorful screenshot. “Don’t ask how, but I got in touch with someone at @people – now I’m in the new issue. So grateful!”

You should be, Kate. Enjoy it while it lasts.

A couple of key differences on the books front is that Coyne’s June 14 release is non-fiction and directly concerns the business that People magazine is all about. The tweet Hammel references was shared June 15. And heading into the holiday weekend, executive editor Coyne seems to be putting a punctuation mark on this whole thing:

If the letter shared by Kelly leaves you wanting for more, Hammel published a 50-page e-book last weekend. It’s called Red Carpet Regret: Confessions of a Cynical Celebrity Journalist.

Jacket cover courtesy: Farrar, Straus and Giroux