Santiago Calatrava’s Dallas Bridge Gets An Okay, Even If It Results in Widespread Destruction


While things might be lousy right now in Paris, things are much more sunny out in Dallas. Santiago Calatrava, who we told you back in September was having trouble with yet another bridge, has finally gotten the approval to go ahead with the first portion of his Trinity River project. The Army Corps of Engineers, who had originally stopped the plans, has now given the okay, with one provision: that the levees in the area need to first be repaired. While city officials are happy that things can now move forward, other Dallasians (what do they call themselves?) aren’t so sure. Case in point is this editorial in the Dallas Observer by Jim Schutze, who sees this forward momentum as the first step in a Katrina/New Orleans-like disaster, leading to dangerous floods and lawyers made extra wealthy should they follow Schutze’s advice and get in on the ground floor of this possibly city-killing flood. Being as we’re not from the area, we don’t know nearly as much about the bridge/levees as this op-ed writer, but we feel like maybe he missed something even more important than the dangers of water-blocking: Santiago Calatrava’s bridge curse. Beware, Dallasians!