Santiago Calatrava’s ‘Bridge of Doom’ Attacks Clumsy Tourists


Maybe as payback for the Spanish city of Bilbao mucking up his bridge, Santiago Calatrava has exacted revenge on the whole of Europe by designing a far more dangerous bridge in Venice. We have no idea how that makes even a lick of sense, but we’re certainly not above circulating insane conspiracy theories (have to pay the bills, right?). But whatever you take from it, Calatrava might have a problem with his new Constitution Bridge that crosses Venice’s Grand Canal, as it’s only been open now for a couple of weeks and already ten tourists have fallen, tripped, or otherwise hurt themselves because of the bridge and its complicated…um, glass and stone. City officials think it’s more of a problem with the tourists than the bridge itself, and Calatrava seems inclined to agree:

Venice city council has asked Calatrava for suggestions to remedy the problem, but has so far ruled out closing the bridge for structural modifications.

“We’ll intervene with some sort of signaling system for distracted tourists, perhaps with stickers on the ground,” Salvatore Vento, Venice’s head of public works, told Corriere

Or, to launch another crazy theory, maybe this is punishment for all the troubles when the bridge officially opened?