10 Of The Most Bizarre Santa Videos You’ve Ever Seen

We've put together a list this holiday season of ten of the most bizarre Santa videos you've ever seen, so sit back and get ready to enjoy some Ho-Ho-Ho-larious videos!

Santa Clauses have been engaging in bizarre and debaucherous behavior for at least the last 63 years (the proof is in the pudding in the 1947 Christmas classic Miracle On 34th Street, when the Macy’s Santa gets drunk on the job), and probably since Santas have existed. We’ve put together a list this holiday season of ten of the most bizarre Santa videos you’ve ever seen, from a Santa in a kilt riding a unicycle to a Santa cameo on Batman and, of course, a drunk Santa caught on surveillance cam. So sit back and get ready to enjoy some Ho-Ho-Ho-larious videos!

Christmas Time In Portland

This clip is what inspired me to put together this list of bizarre Santa videos. It features a kilted Santa, riding through the streets of Portland (Oregon or Maine?) playing the bagpipes. Have you ever seen a Santa Claus in a kilt before?

Drunk Santa Caught On Surveillance Cam!!!!!

This Santa video has been one of the most popular holiday clips on YouTube this year, though the account associated with the original clip was terminated today. It features a drunk Santa Claus “relieving himself” in a parking garage. Do you think this clip is real?

Dubstep Santa

“What do you want for Christmas this year? How ’bout something that bounces? Like a dirty bassline?”

Santa Claus on Batman

This is one of my personal favorite Santa Claus videos. It’s a scene from an episode of Batman that was broadcast just before Christmas in 1966. As Batman and Robin climb up the Bat-rope, Robin suddenly gets a strange feeling, “as if visions of sugar plums were dancing in [his] head.” Santa Claus pops out a window to wish the super heroes (and the audience) a Merry Christmas!

Lego Star Wars – Christmas Special 2 (2009)

The holiday season is a big one for toys, as kids around the world hope to find a new LEGO set or some other cool present under the tree. A couple of days ago we published a list of 10 Awesome LEGO Videos. Here’s another for ya, starring the one and only Santa Claus.

Santa Claus Bailout Hearings

This video is a couple of years old, but it still strikes a chord today, as the world’s financial woes continue. It’s C-SPAN coverage of Santa’s request for a financial bailout of the North Pole. All he’s requesting is 25 billion dollars. I’d say that’s pretty reasonable, wouldn’t you?

Hot-rodding Gang Of Santa Claus

Santa Clauses are even going wild in Japan. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a hot-rodding gang of Santas in Tokyo!

Santa Fight

Apparently these two guys have gotten into a fight over who the real Santa Claus is. How would you react if you saw a couple of Santas duking it out in the middle of the street? The Dutch titles at the end read something along the lines of, “Have you lost the Christmas Spirit too? Merry Christmas!”

Santa Claus Boot Camp !!! NSFW

Have you ever wondered who trains all the Santa Clauses? Well, they are trained at Santa Claus Boot Camp, of course! This Full Metal Jacket-esque video is pretty hilarious, though some of the language may not be safe for work, so be sure to deck your ears with boughs of headphones before you start watching it next to your boss.

Crazy Christmas Kick!

Finally, no matter how bizarre a Santa may look, or how great of a target he may be just trust me…don’t mess with Santa. You don’t want to end up on his Naughty list after all, do you?