Santa Barbara News-Press vs. Jerry Roberts Doc Screened

Citizen McCaw captures the conflict between top editor Jerry Roberts and vindictive and heavy handed owner Wendy McCaw.

The synopsis on their site states:

The film chronicles events since July 2006, when editor Jerry Roberts and five of his colleagues quit the Santa Barbara News-Press, citing owner and Co-publisher Wendy McCaw’s abandonment of journalistic ethics, which McCaw denied. Since then, McCaw and dozens of her former staffers have been engaged in a fierce clash of wills that raises important national questions of journalistic ethics and media ownership.

SF Chronicle’s John Diaz, who saw the screening offers this:

Citizen McCaw is a cautionary tale, not only about the perils of a newspaper owner run amok, but of what can happen when one very wealthy and vindictive individual decides to use the legal system to inflict a living hell on mortals of lesser means.

And concludes:

Citizen McCaw is the scariest film involving journalists since Zodiac.

Not to lessen the tale of horror that Citizen McCaw most surely is, but we think Diaz may not actually have seen Dan in Real Life. Much more scary – for so many more reasons than Zodiac. For one, the antagonist in Zodiac is much more likable.