Sandra Bernhard MAC Cosmetics Video Edited After Complaints About ‘Thin-Lipped Republican’ Line

Esteé Lauder has edited a video featuring Sandra Bernhard — the new face of its Plushglass line — from its site after fielding as many as 400 complaints from users who objected to an anti-Republican remark made by the comedian in the video. In the initial version, Bernhard described a “‘Intimidated, frightened, right-wing Republican thin-lipped b*tch’.” The video was posted on August 3, and was linked to yesterday by the Drudge Report.

“The video has been getting a lot of attention, which is what we wanted,” a spokeswoman for MAC told FishbowlNY, adding that the video has been viewed 187,000 times so far. “There was one line that seemed to offend people. MAC isn’t about offending people — our gloss is for all races, all sexes, all ages, regardless of politics.”

The MAC marketing copy suggests customers “be like Sandra: provocative, controversial … a real power-mouth!”

The move comes less than a week after a party for Bernhard at Michael’s during which Esteé Lauder president John Dempsey told Page Six the new anti-terrorism rules banning liquids on planes “is going to kill the cosmetics industry.”