Sand-Art iPhone Case is a Mobile Glow in the Dark 80’s Themed Party

If there’s a thing that deserves nostalgic flashbacks, it’s is our phone and not Buzzfeed lists. Of course, the best kind of nostalgia comes in small packages for modern devices like this novel iPhone case: a glow in the dark traveling lava lamp. All you have to do is turn off the lights!

The best part about this silly $25 investment is its ability to glow – a fine task if you’re in the dark looking for your missing device. The case is only available in one icy blue shade, but it gives you a few seconds of analog entertainment when your battery is more dead than the 90’s.

We think the video’s music needs to be changed suit the product, even if there are some truths to how people judge each others by their cases’ first impression:

Boring is not what you want people to say about your taste in technology. That goes double for your phone case. If you love to surround yourselves with black lights, disco balls, glow sticks, then bring this along to your next laser show party and you will have trippy eye candy whenever you go. Tilt it and swirl it, push the sand around with your finger, watch the bubbles float up through the falling sand and look at the incredible designs. Put this one on your phone and you can be sure that everybody will say “Oh my God, that’s so cool!” Great conversation starter, great eye candy and a great addition to your phone.