San Jose Merc Returns To Standalone Biz Section

The San Jose Mercury News is bringing back its standalone business section, which it folded into its Local news section on some days “because of newshole, advertising and production issues,” according to a memo from editor Dave Butler obtained by Talking Biz News.

Sadly the announcement doesn’t include an increase in business coverage or the hiring of new business reporters; rather, this news comes thanks to a technical workaround that now allows the Merc to create a standalone section as small as four pages. (“And none of us likes a section that small,” Butler added.)

But the biz section’s back!

As Talking Biz News notes, this makes the Merc the third paper to return the standalone business section that it cut; last year, the Chicago Tribune and the Orange County Register both reinstated their business sections.

The Washington Post may be the highest-profile paper to have cut its standalone business section, opting last year to instead fold business news into the A Section. That reinstatement we’re still waiting on, and just today CEO Donald Graham defended his company’s decision, saying he thinks business stories are “significantly more widely read now” that they’re in the main section.

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