San Francisco Tech Writer Attacked for Wearing Google Glass at Local Bar

A San Francisco tech journalist got some very negative attention while showcasing her Google Glasses at a local bar. The Google Glass explorer, Sarah Slocum, said that she was verbally and physically assaulted while sharing her gadget at the Haight-Ashbury bar, Molotov’s.

google glasses

Witnesses said that a few bar goers were eager to watch a  demonstration of the wearable computer, but others did not appreciate the device, and retaliated by telling her, ‘you’re being an ass, take those glasses off.” Two men then accosted her and took her glasses off her face. She was able to recover her Google Glass, but they took off with her purse and phone.

During the confrontation, Slocum and her tech friends were accused of “destroying the city.” The Bay Area has been experiencing a lot of tech drama as of late. Residents have protested against Google and Apple Buses that uses the city’s public bus stops. Tech workers are also blamed for a housing crisis that has propelled the city’s rental rates to the nation’s top position. The tension is likely to be at their worst at bars when intoxication makes for poor choices.