San Francisco Chronicle Begins Layoffs

The Chronicle‘s cutting 30 newsroom employees today, many from the metro desk, the San Francisco Business Times reported. Among those let go:
John Koopman, Jonathan Curiel, Susan Sward, Tyche Hendricks, Deborah Gage, Verne Kopytoff, Chris Heredia, Jim Doyle and Jane Kay; Mark Hedin, Derrick Smith, Delfin Vigil, Zahid Sardar, Lesley Guth, Karen Hata, Tim Sullivan.

SFist reports that Sullivan asked for a buyout today, and got it, thus saving someone else’s job. And Vigil’s the one responsible for the ad in the San Francisco Examiner that drew, uh, mixed reviews. (Full text of the ad is here.)


This is a sad day for the San Francisco Chronicle.