College Student Revisits Highs and Sweet’n Lows of Summer Newspaper Internship

For his first “Just Add Coffee” column of the fall 2012 school year, San Jose State University student and The Spartan Daily production-art director Leo Postovoit (pictured) focuses tongue-in-cheek on his just completed four-month unpaid summer internship at the San Francisco Chronicle.

He writes that cat video playlists outnumbered his output of straight journalism, and that Giants-Dodgers trash talk took precedence over completed graphics. He also shares his unusual big-picture view of what lies ahead after graduation:

It seemed that this internship may have on the surface been about a specific trade or task that I had committed to, but on a much deeper level, it was about building a ritualized interpersonal relationship with the people you meet…

At some level, as we get into our professions and higher up the pay scales, we pretend that we’re leaping from one rung of a ladder we’ve climbed. But all we’ve done is given ourselves more excuses to drink more coffee and with less room-for-cream.

It’s an odd thing really that the print newspaper industry stumbled into its worst-ever downturn at a time when reporters and editors have generally stopped drinking alcohol during the workday. If Postovoit chooses to head back to the newspaper world in future, then yes, a lot of coffee – black – will be required.