San Diego Zoo Actually Grateful for Craigslist Gag

Why? Because these particular April Fool’s shenanigans sparked helpful public-information coverage from local ABC-TV affiliate Channel 10.

The Craigslist ad, since removed, purported to be from a San Diego Zoo trainer and stated that two “free” newborn monkeys were up for grabs, looking for a new home. Reporter Joe Little did the necessary homework after his calls to Andrea went straight to voice mail and the zoo said thanks for the media exposure:

Zoo official Rick Schwartz said, “First of all, chimpanzees aren’t monkeys; they’re apes … and no, we aren’t giving any away… Apparently, there’s a bit of tomfoolery on April Fool’s Day…”

Zoo officials were actually happy with the prank because it raises two important points. Experts say chimpanzees are dangerous pets, as they have the strength to kill a person… Secondly, Schwartz said the exotic pet trade puts a species in danger…

One interesting residual question is that it’s not clear at press time whether the New York State area-coded Andrea was in on the joke. In other words, she may have been unknowingly dropped into the middle of a whole new level of friend or ex-boyfriend monkey business.